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We want to film, photograph, and record fire spinners and performances as well as interview people with different levels of understanding of our topic. We want to focus on the themes of (obviously fire) performance, community, safety, passion, and fun.

This documentary will be energetic and inspiring. We will introduce fire spinning to our audience, and try to cover where someone could learn how to do it, who does it, where it came from, and what it is really all about.

We will interview 5-10 people involved in the fire spinning community here in the bay area, and along with hearing from them we will also get to see them perform.

We will shoot primarily in outdoor locations at night as well as possibly in some local fire performance oriented warehouses. We will shoot live video, take still photographs, and have interviews both filmed and voiced over performances. We will incorporate electronic music, and try to bring the true sound of the fire “woosh” into our documentary.

We want our final product to be as awesome as our topic is. It is a visually and mentally stimulating topic and we want to approach it from the perspective of people within this community out reaching to an audience of diverse levels of understanding of this topic.

Progress Video

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a progress video yet… All of the footage we took this weekend ended up being pretty bad because of wind and lighting… also in an attempt to get a few shots last minute as the sun was setting last night I lost my hoop off the roof and wasn’t able to retrieve until after dark.

Just because you have been so patient, I will include a “fail” video, which will have the shot of my hoop flying onto Haight st :]


Here is a sweet photo of me hooping on treasure island in the mean time


Burning Man and other Festivals as a Place for Fire Spinners to Come Together

YouTube Preview Image

As I am sure you all know, every year some 50,000+ people pack their bags and head out to the Black Rock Desert for a week for a little thing we know as Burning Man. Black Rock City comes alive as the gates open becomes the 3rd largest city in Nevada is built out of the dust.

As quickly as it comes, it is gone, and all but a group of dedicated volunteers head back home in their dusty clothes and cars. But burning man in no way lasts 1 week out of the year…. the preparation and dedication begins months before anyone even considers buying, or printing tickets for that matter.

Fire conclaves are groups of performers that train together for months and even years to bring their passion for fire to the Playa and other festivals internationally. All of these individuals are extremely talented and Bring their skills together to create a mind blowing performance.

The video I have posted above is footage of the Garnish fire conclave at burning man, in their studios, and performing at various events.

For more information about Black Rock City, Burning Man, and local communities of fire spinners dedicated to bring their talent to the Playa go to