“A Blue Crow” is a short form documentary film about a young boy’s incredible journey into manhood. The story is much more than just that, it depicts the trials I went through in the transition from the throws of drug abuse and serious depression, to finally being on the road to recovery. The piece is intended for anyone; for some I hope that it can show them that they can fight their personal demons, but it is also an opportunity to experience a very intimate excerpt from another person’s life. Either way, my only hope for the film is that it can inspire people to better themselves for the right reasons.

The film intends to create a brief window into my past, starting from the time I was fifteen years old, drug addicted, and feeling alone. It follows me out into the southern Utah desert, where I embark on my journey of recovery in a therapeutic wilderness survival environment. From there I moved to a residential program for minors with serious psychological disturbances, where I experienced my darkest hour, but also where I found myself and ultimately decided to change my life for the better.

The story is conveyed through very intimate interviews with myself and my family, combined with pictures and videos from those chapters of my life. The hope is transport the viewer, if only briefly, to the beautiful landscapes of the high desert where I I began to see that there might be hope for me. Then to a ranch in an unheard-of town where I found myself, and ultimately where I became sure of that hope. All of this will be accompanied by an original score taken from adapted versions of songs that I wrote during this transformation.

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